Formation Organisation Commerciale 3.0

This training will allow you to develop your commercial acquisition by optimizing your organization

Description of modern business organization training

The training « commercial organization 3.0 » aims to allow you to have a global view on the best acquisition techniques and tools that allow to industrialize these outbound processes.

In a few years, the trades have evolved enormously, especially in everything that attracts prospecting and qualification. This one-day course will allow you to discover the approaches of Silicon Valley startups and put them in place in your companies.

This training is particularly suited to the B2B / volume market. A copy of the book « predictable revenue » will be offered to all participants.

Programme de la formation Organisation commerciale 3.0

Commercial organizations

  • The classic organization
  • The different players in outbound acquisition
  • TP: Tour de table on the different organizations
  • Example of an organization 3.0 of a team of 10 salespeople
  • Example of an organization 3.0 of a team of 100 salespeople
  • Presentation of business performance indicators

Good practices and tools for generating Leads

  • Reminder of the jargon of acquisition 3.0
  • Identify Linkedin-compatible KPIs
  • The tools to build a (lots of) database
  • TP: Creation of a file of 500 contacts for your company

Good practices and tools for engagement and qualification

  • Growth hacking tools to industrialize the sending of your emails
  • Write impactful emails
  • Examples of practice
  • Prospecting tools and approaches on Linkedin
  • Implement a multi-channel approach
  • Multi-channel engagement tools

Examples of acquisition techniques

  • Example of a Saas B2B product for HR

Putting a multi-channel approach into practice

  • TP: Reflection on an acquisition approach combining social networks, emails and telephone for your business
  • Specialisation
  • SOC30
  • 1 jour
  • 990 €


  • 15/06/2020
  • 21/09/2020
  • 02/11/2020
  • 14/12/2020

Training aims

  • Boost your commercial strategy
  • Understanding acquisition organizations 3.0
  • Identify the tools and methods to industrialize prospecting


  • CEO
  • Sales manager
  • Head of Sales


  • Have already piloted a lead acquisition strategy
  • Significant experience in the commercial or marketing field
  • Ideally be in the B2B sector
  • Ideally have a large customer target

Le plus de la formation

  • A copy of the book “predictable revenue” will be offered to all participants

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  • Attention le processus de validation du formulaire est parfois un peu long.

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